Egyedi Kézi csomózású Gyapjú/selyem

Ghom Sherkat Farsh

150x240 cm
578 225 
850 997 
Üzleti ár: 1 389 270 

A szőnyegek színei attól függően változnak, hogy milyen szögből nézi azokat.


These carpets are knotted in the holy town of Ghom in central Persia. The wool used is known as cork-wool and is sheared from the neck of the lamb. This makes it possible to spin the wool extra thin, thus leading to durable threads which makes the carpet very tight. These carpets are extremly well-made and in some cases very detailed.

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The foundation "Sherkat Farsh" was founded about 70 years ago. The purpose with the foundation was to uphold the traditions of the Persian carpet culture and to maintain the quality in the country's carpet production.

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